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Academic Renewal is an effective way to enable capable and mature students to return to college when they have under achieved during an earlier attempt at higher education. The policy allows serious students who wish to restart college study to avoid having his or her previous, unsuccessful coursework count toward the university overall GPA.  The policy may be applied only at the point of initial admission or re-admission to the university.

The minimum eligibility requirements are:

  1.  No less than three full calendar years must have elapsed between the end of the semester in which the student was last registered for credit at any college or university and enrollment at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University.
  2. Any work used to satisfy the requirements for a previously earned associate or baccalaureate degree is ineligible for academic renewal.

The following guidelines apply:

  1.  New transfer / re-entry students must submit a formal written application to the Registrar’s Office, after applying for admission and/or during the first semester the student first enrolls at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University. The application must explain reasons for previous poor performance and explain how the conditions have changed that would provide reasonable expectation for earning and maintaining satisfactory academic performance.
  2. The Associate Registrar will evaluate each application and recommend to the Registrar only those who meet the eligibility requirements. Applying does not ensure approval.
  3. Students have the right to appeal academic renewal decisions to the Vice President of Enrollment Management within ten working days of the decision notification.  The appeal will include an interview or a phone conference. The decision of the Vice President of Enrollment Management is final.
  4. No prior academic credit carries forward as part of a degree program: no course work included in academic renewal can be used to meet any degree requirements at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University.
  5. The prior record must remain a part of the student's overall academic record for financial aid purposes.
  6. Academic renewal may be granted only once. Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University will accept, in transfer, academic renewal granted at another institution. When academic renewal is accepted in transfer, the student is ineligible to apply for academic renewal at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University.

If eligible and academic renewal is granted:

  •   All previously attempted college earned credit hours will be included in the renewal.
  •   The student has the status of an entering freshman and will enter on academic probation.
  •   Academic renewal and academic probation status are entered on the transcript.
  •   Previously earned credits and quality points will not be used to:
  •   meet degree requirements;
  •   compute the GPA leading toward certificates or degrees, or
  •   determine eligibility to graduate

Academic Renewal applies to admission to the University; admission to the University does not guarantee admission to particular programs.

It is the student’s responsibility to investigate the academic renewal policy at any institution to which they plan to transfer in the future.  Students are cautioned that many institutions and clinical programs compute the GPA on all hours attempted. Therefore, the grades earned in all courses will remain on the student's transcript even though they are not counted in the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University Overall GPA.

Other Considerations

Admission decisions are based on a previous record of satisfactory academic performance, test scores, personal qualities and circumstances, and good conduct.  Admission into the University is a selective process, and meeting the minimum standards does not necessarily guarantee acceptance. Applicants who disagree with an admissions decision may appeal the decision to the Office of Admissions.