Service Learning


A student enrolled in a service-learning course must fulfill all of the requirements for the service-learning component including the community service, and the formative and summative reflective assignments as stated in the course syllabus to receive credit for the service-learning experience.   If a student fails to complete all requirements for the service-learning component of the course and/or receives “ no credit" or “unsatisfactory" for the reflection assignments in a service-learning course, the student will  receive a failing grade for the course,  even if the overall course grade is passing.  If a student receives a failing grade for the service-learning course, the student must still successfully complete a service-learning course(s) for the degree being sought.

One service learning course is required for students to earn an Associate Degree. Two service learning courses are required for students earning a Bachelors Degree with two exceptions:  Students who have earned their Bachelor's degree from another accredited institution and transfer students whose general education is completed and accepted in its entirety must complete a minimum of one service-learning course.  The University waives completion of the university's General Education requirements for students who have received a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. A minimum of one service learning course must be completed prior to graduation for completion of all Associate and Baccalaureate degrees at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University.