School of Arts and Sciences

Brian Rash , Ph.D.


The mission of the School of Arts and Sciences (A&S) at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University is to educate and form servant leaders who integrate their knowledge, skills, and virtues to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

The School provides foundational general education and prerequisite courses for both pre-clinical and non-clinical students as well as a variety of associate, baccalaureate and master level degree programs. An associate of Science (A.S.) degree programs in Arts and Sciences (with tracks in liberal arts and biology) is offered. Baccalaureate (B.A., B.S., B.B.A.) degrees offered include Biology (with tracks chosen from biochemical analysis and instrumentation (BAI) and, pre-professional human medicine (HMED)), Business Administration (with tracks in Analytics, General Business, Health Administration, Management and Marketing) Health Sciences completion, (with concentrations in biology and psychology) Liberal Studies (with tracks chosen from English and Psychology), and Theology. The School also offers Master of Health Administration degree. The content of all courses in the School of Arts & Sciences is organized and presented in a manner that facilitates continued academic growth and progression through the college experience to prepare students for academic and professional challenges.  


Arts & Sciences Courses

General education courses and many degree programs in the School of Arts & Sciences are offered in fall, spring and summer semesters according to the published academic calendar.

Students enrolled in a distributed learning program offered through the School of Arts & Sciences must adhere to the same curricular guidelines as those enrolled in traditional on-campus programs as presented in this catalog.

Departmental Contacts for Associate of Science Degrees

    • Dixie Gautreaux, Ph.D. - Associate of Science in Arts and Sciences 


Departmental Contacts for Baccalaureate Degrees

  • Damon Boria Ph.D. - Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

  • David Whidden, Ph.D. - Bachelor of Arts in Theology

  • Natalie Lenard, Ph.D. - Bachelor of Science in Biology

  • Brian Rash, Ph.D. - Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences 

  • Cathy Denison-Robert, Ph.D. - Bachelor of Business Administration

    • Riaz Ferdaus, Ph.D. - Bachelor of Health Services Administration
    • Susan Brigman, Ph.D. - Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Departmental Contacts for Master's Degrees

  •  Elaine Purdy, PH.D. Master of Health Administration