Message from the President

Welcome to Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University. Our mission is to educate and form Franciscan servant leaders of all faiths. This is a high calling…and a genuine challenge. Much will be demanded of you, but, be assured, much is demanded from all of us here at Franciscan.  You will be supported as you work hard to meet the challenges of a rigorous and deeply meaningful educational experience. We are charged with preparing you to be highly skilled professionals, integrated thinkers and faith filled citizens. This kind of holistic preparation takes hard work, yours and ours. To accomplish the Fran U mission, you will take academically serious classes, participate in eye-opening service learning activities, and develop lasting relationships. 

Our faculty and staff understand the enduring value of professional preparation when it is experienced within the context of a broad liberal arts education. Yes, you will learn what to do and how to do it, but most importantly, you will also develop true and beautiful answers to why do it. That is, you will find meaning and purpose through a rich educational experience…one that reflects our Franciscan core values of service, reverence and love for all life, joyfulness of spirit, humility and justice. As you immerse yourselves in your classes, in student organizations and activities and in the campus community, allow these core values to guide your decision making, and allow the FranU approach to learning foster in you a sense of individual purpose. 

Congratulations for choosing Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University. By accepting this challenge, you have chosen to grow professionally, intellectually and spiritually in an authentic and hospitable Catholic and Franciscan community.  Here you will establish a firm foundation upon which to build a thriving, purposeful and faith-filled future. Welcome!!

Tina Holland, Ph.D.