Academic Dismissal - Designates that a student is ineligible to continue enrollment in the University.

Academic Division - A teaching unit with faculty who perform the regular duties of instruction, research, and service in all matters relating to curricular and educational policies of the unit. Academic divisions require (1) an individual budget; (2) an administrative officer; (3) an authorized faculty; and (4) a set of courses with a designated prefix ordinarily leading to undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Academic Honors (Latin Honors) - Recognition of outstanding achievement by a degree recipient, according to standards established by the Board of Trustees and as noted on the official transcript.

Academic Probation -Designates that a student's work is unsatisfactory and that, to remain eligible to enroll in courses, the undergraduate student must achieve a 2.0 semester Francisican Missionaries of Our Lady University  gpa.

Academic Program - Any combination of courses and/or requirements leading to a degree or certificate awarded by Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University.

Academic Suspension - Designates that, because of unsatisfactory work, a student is ineligible to enroll in courses for a designated time period.

Academic Year - The period beginning with the fall semester and ending with the following summer session.

Associate Degree - A college degree awarded for completion of an academic program consisting of freshman and sophomore level course work (e.g. Associate of Science, Associate of Arts).

Audit - To enroll in a course as an observer without seeking credit. The fee is the same as courses taken for credit.

Baccalaureate - Relating to an academic program consisting of college coursework through the senior level.

Bachelor's Degree - A College degree awarded for completion of a baccalaureate program (e.g., Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts).

Badge - Academic badges are awarded for professionally oriented courses designed to provide recognition that the student has completed coursework in an applied area of focus. Badge completion will appear on the official transcript.

Beginning Freshman - A student who has never attended a regionally accredited college or university.

Behavioral Sciences - Sciences such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology that study human action and attempt to generalize about human behavior.

Biological Sciences - Sciences such as anatomy and botany that study living organisms and life processes.

Class Schedule - Printed prior to each semester, the Class Schedule lists courses offered for that semester, as well as times, locations and instructors of those courses. It also includes important dates and deadlines.

Clinical Program - A curriculum that includes application of skills and knowledge within a clinical setting.

Common Coursework - A set of courses as defined by the individual school that are a required component of a student's academic degree programand are common to all tracks or concentrations within.

Concentration - A structured plan of study within a graduate degree program. The number of semester hours within a concentration may vary, but is included with the semester hours required in the degree program. The concentration designation appears on the official Transcript.

Concurrent Enrollment - A program that provides a means by which students still enrolled in high school may also enroll in college level courses.

Continuing Students - Students who have not been absent from Francisican Missionaries of Our Lady University  for more than one complete semester, not including summer sessions. Students, who do not attend Francisican Missionaries of Our Lady University  for 2 or more consecutive semesters, will have to reapply and will be held to the current Catalog requirements.

Co-requisite - Two or more courses that must be taken concurrently, or a course, which must be taken prior to a course.

Course - A course is a unique combination of title, course number, credit hours, and other course attributes that may include terms offered, cross listed delineation, and/or pre- or co- requisites.

Course Load - The total Credit Hours of course work for which a student is registered in a semester.

Credit - The quantitative measure of a course stated in semester hours.

Cross-listed - The same course offered under the rubrics of two or more departments.

Curriculum - An officially approved combination of courses, satisfactory completion of which may lead to a degree or other academic goal.

Cumulative Average - A student's grade point average based on the total number of quality points earned and total number of semester hours attempted. See also: Grade Point Average

Degree - An award by the Board of Trustees as official recognition of  the successful completion of a prescribed course of study.

Drop/Add - A change in registration for a course or section during the designated drop/add period.

Dual Degree: Accelerated Program - Designated programs arranged between undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Students apply separately to and must be accepted by both programs. The curricula of dual dgree programs are not integrated. Students complete all curricular requirements of each program. the programs may allow special coordination of scheduling or allocation of electives. Upon successful completion of each componenet of the dual degree program, students will receive the degree specific to that component. (ex. B.S./ M.M.S. (3+2)

Elective - A course chosen ("elected") by a student, as opposed to a specific course requirement. A curriculum may stipulate that electives be chosen from among courses in a designated area/discipline.

Equivalent Course - When referring to a course prerequisite (e.g., "Prerequisite: MATH 112 or equivalent"), this term means either credit in a comparable course, or equivalency to be determined within an individual program.

Faculty Advisor - A faculty member assigned by the College to assist a student in designing a study plan, selecting courses, and resolving academic problems.

Francisican Missionaries of Our Lady University  Grade Point Average (GPA) - A grade point average based upon the total quality points and the total credit hours attempted at Francisican Missionaries of Our Lady University .

Freshman - First-year student (applies to both College undergraduates and high school students).

Foundation Courses - Courses that provide knowledge and skills basic to all other course work.

General Education - A component of the undergraduate curriculum designed to provide breadth to the curriculum and a common undergraduate experience for all students. It is usually defined on a College-wide basis and involves study in several subject area.

Grade Point Average (GPA) - An index of scholastic performance; the ratio of quality points earned to semester hours attempted. See also: Francisican Missionaries of Our Lady University  GPA, Semester GPA.

Graduate - (1) A person who has successfully completed a program of study and earned the final award (2) as an adjective, refers to post-baccalaureate status

Graduate Advisor - The faculty member who serves as advisor to all graduate students in a department.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) - A two-part standardized external examination designed to measure general verbal, quantitative and analytical skills (General Aptitude Test) and knowledge and understanding of subject matter basic to graduate study in specific fields (Advanced Tests). The GRE is generally required by graduate schools and is used to assess the qualifications of applicants to master's and Ph.D. programs.

Graduation Honors Grade Point Average (GPA) - The overall grade point average, which is based on credit earned at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University and earned credit transferred from accredited institution.

Humanities - Academic disciplines such as philosophy and literature that study human life and thought.

Independent Study - Formal study completed in a one-to-one relationship with an instructor outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Junior - A student who has earned credit for at least 60 semester hours but less than 90 semester hours.

Late Registration - the last interval designated to register for classes after the Registration deadline has passed; a late fee is assessed to continuing students.

Major - A major represents an undergraduate degree-seeking student's primary field of study, requiring a minimum of 30 discipline (area of study) specific semester hours. The major appears on the official transcript.

Matriculation - The state of being registered for credit and working toward a specific degree or certificate.

Minor - A designated sequence of courses in a discipline or area of undergraduate study. A minor is typically 18 credit hours and is independent of the student's major. Minors appear on the official transcript upon degree conferral.

Physical Sciences - Natural sciences such as chemistry and physics that study primarily nonliving materials.

Pre-registration - An interval of time during which an admitted student is allowed to sign up for courses before payment of fees.

Prerequisite - A preliminary requirement, usually credit in another course that must be met before a course may be taken.

Profile Examination - An instrument for diagnostic evaluation of the nursing knowledge of program applicants.

Quality Point - A numerical value assigned to each final course letter grade (A through F). The grade of A is valued at four quality points for each semester hour of credit in the course. B is three points per hour, C two, and D one. A grade of F has a quality point value of zero. These values are used in calculating a student's "grade point average" and academic standing.

Registration - the process by which tuition payments and required fees are made and students are allowed to attend classes.

Residency Requirement - The specified number of semester hours in course work that a degree seeking student must complete at the institution granting the degree.

Semester - A divisional unit of the academic year. At Francisican Missionaries of Our Lady University , the academic year is divided into two "regular" semesters (fall and spring), "Maymester" (5 weeks), and "summer session" (June and July).

Semester Grade Point Average (GPA) - A grade point average based on the quality points earned and the Credit Hours attempted during a semester at Francisican Missionaries of Our Lady University .

Semester Hour - Numerical value of a course usually based on the number of hours spent in the class per week in a regular session.

Senior - A college student who has earned at least 90 semester hours of credit.

Sophomore - A college student who has earned at least 30 semester hours of credit, but less than 60 semester hours of credit.

Track - A coordinated grouping of courses within an undergraduate degree major, typically one-third of a major, representing a sub-specialization or emphasis within a major field. The number of semester hours within a track may vary, but is included with the semester hours required in the major. The track designation appears on the official transcript.

Transfer Student - A student who terminates enrollment in one regionally accredited institution of higher education and subsequently enrolls in another.

Undergraduate - A college student who has not earned a first degree (usually a bachelor's degree).