Academic Advising


Office of Advising
5421 Didesse Drive, Suite A
Baton Rouge, LA  70808
(225) 768-1700
Fax (225) 768-1726

The purpose of the Office of Advising is to provide assistance to students planning academic and career goals, and exploring academic and career options. Staff members recognize the individuality of each student and facilitate the achievement of each student's full potential by guiding the selection of curriculum and courses, the scheduling of classes, the exploration of educational opportunities and career goals, and by identifying resources to provide academic and financial assistance. Once students have been admitted to the University, they are required to seek the assistance of an advisor in planning a program of study, then selection and scheduling classes.

  • Each student is responsible for:
  • seeking academic advising;
  • knowing and complying with University policies and procedures;
  • knowing the requirements of his or her chosen program; and
  • taking courses in the proper sequence to ensure orderly and timely progress toward his/her educational goals.